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Import Competencies From Framework

This will import all the competencies and relations from the below framework into the selected framework. Please indicate whether you would like to link to the above framework's competencies and relations, or copy the competencies and relations for your own use.

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Insert Existing Relation

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Import CSV

This will import a CSV of competencies. (with headers as the first row, please!) Import

Import Medbiquitous XML

This will scan an XML file for CompetencyObject and import them into the framework.

Import Achievement Standards Network JSON

This will scan a JSON file for a StandardDocument, convert that into a new Framework, find all child Statements and convert them into Competencies (with 'isChildOf' relations being defined by 'narrows').


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  1. Hello, and welcome to CASS.

    This walkthrough will take you through the basic functionality of CASS.

  2. This menu will take you to other tools in CASS.

    Framework Manager is for editing and viewing frameworks.
    Profile Manager is for viewing profiles and making assertions of competence.
  3. This and the Insert menu will allow you to create and modify frameworks, competencies relations, levels, etc.

    These menus are context sensitive, meaning they will change based on whether you are logged in or have created the framework being viewed.

  4. This will allow you to search frameworks and log into CASS.

    Most of the information in CASS is viewable without having to log in.

    Logging in will provide you the ability to create and modify frameworks.

  5. This is a competency framework. A competency framework a collection of competencies related to a subject, profession, or area.

    Competency frameworks in CASS include relationships among competencies and the levels the levels at which competencies in the framework can be held.

  6. Inside may be one or more competencies. To proceed, click on the framework.

  1. This is the description of a framework.

  2. This is the persistent URL of the framework.

  3. Actions such as edit (✎), security (🔒), remove (X), and more will appear here.

    These and other actions are context sensitive, meaning they will only appear when available.

  4. A framework contains one or more competencies.

    A competency represents one or more skills, knowledge, or abilities related to the accomplishment of a task.

    To see the details of a competency (including its levels and relations), click on the competency.

  1. This is the description of a competency.

  2. This is the persistent URL of the competency.

  3. A competency may contain one or more levels.

    A level is a collection of performance expectations related to the skills, knowledge, and abilities of the competency that must be met to achieve or exceed the level.

    Levels also have titles that are granted to the person who achieved or exceeded the level.

  4. A framework also contains one or more relations. A relation relates two competencies to one another using a formal relationship. There are six formal relations that are currently defined in CASS.

    Requires: The target competency requires the source competency.
    Desires: The target competency's acquisition and use is enhanced by the source competency.
    Narrows: The source competency is a subset of the target competency.
    Is Enabled By: The target competency's performance and potential is improved by the source competency.
    Is Related To: The target competency contains a significant number of similar skills, knowledge, and abilities of the source competency.
    Is Equivalent To: The target competency is equivalent to the source competency.